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How is your message received?

You have something to say – a message that people need to hear – it can change lives for the better. You’ve worked hard and earned the opportunity and platform to share your message – congratulations. That’s a great start. But if you want your message to have an impact, it must be acted upon. How do you make sure that happens?

There are three main ways that messages are received and how the deliverer can take steps to ensure it is acted upon.

Some already believe in and practice what you are saying. They have done all they can up to this point to be successful and are ready to do more.

They will be looking for you to provide them with the resources to accomplish even more.

Your direction should be – Go do it, what can I do to help you be successful?

Some have never been exposed to your ideas but like what they are hearing. They believe that this can be something to help them be successful and want to learn more.

They will be interested in you teaching them how to apply what your message shared.

Your direction should be – Here’s how you do it, what can I do to help you learn?

Some have never heard these type of message and are not convinced that it is the right answer for them to be successful. They need to hear it again and again including past examples of success so they understand more.

You will need to convince them that your message is worthwhile.

Your direction should be – You need to do it, what can I do to help you understand?

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