“From Denis’ insight and knowledge I learned that leadership ability is really what determines possibility, and everything else is what follows. Through the application of his teachings I have seen results both professionally and personally.”  – Zach Slade, hired Denis as Leadership Consultant

“Denis’ management style is one of a “360 degree leadership” which encompasses extreme dedication to all inside and outside of his organization. He is able to create a vision early on, deploy the vision, train others on how to execute in line with the vision, and modify the vision as changes emerge.” – Gregory Lyman, Risk Director, JPMorgan Chase

“Denis was extremely effective in enabling his teams to be successful. His team achieved success through his clear vision, focus on execution and results, and his ability to mentor and teach the team how to translate their technical skills into achieving the overall vision. I grew both personally and professionally working with Denis.” – James Weeast, Senior Consultant, worked with Denis at Wells Fargo