Are you a die-hard leader or a fair-weather leader?

Aint over till its overForbes Magazine just published its list of the Most Loyal Fans in Baseball.  You may find it surprising that four things ranked higher than the win/loss record in keeping loyal fans.

Pure Entertainment – How exciting is it to watch the team play?

Authenticity – How well does the team play as a team?

Fan Bonding – Are players respected and admired?

History and Tradition – Is the team part of the fans’ institutions and beliefs?

These four items are important for the die-hard fan as well as the fair-weather fan.  The difference is that when their team is losing, the die-hard fan stays to cheer them back to success, while the fair-weather fan looks for another team that is winning.

Any leader can be engaged and excited and passionate to lead in the good times. What happens to that same leader when success turns to failure, when the environment changes, when investors leave, when the economy slows, when your products don’t sell – What happens when your team stops winning? 

Are you a die-hard leader or a fair-weather leader?

“The real leader, the die-hard leader, is still there when build turns to re-build.” – Denis McLaughlin

2 Responses to Are you a die-hard leader or a fair-weather leader?
  1. Joy Jones

    I love this post. As a leader, you can learn more during the difficutl times, or when you are in the 9th inning and down by 3 runs. As a mother of 3 boys, I have watched my share of baseball, and love the game. It teaches you a lot about leadership when you see the team rally together to pump each other up to get the team excited and turn the game around to win. A great coach or great leader helps the team to understand how to support each other when things are not looking great. It really makes you appreciate the success or the win, when you come from behind to accomplish your goal.

    • admin

      Thanks Joy. What a great story you added, little league is such a great place to build leaders.