Getting there is not the same as staying there.

staying there

Everyone has accomplished something in their lives. We can all remember a specific time where we persevered, pushed forward, gave it the extra effort and reached a goal. Maybe for some it was only once, while for others it has been a series of accomplishments, one after another. What is the secret to consistent success? Why do some continue to reach the peaks while others struggle after their first success?

Here are some truths that have to be faced to achieve consistent success:

Getting there is more fun than staying there.

Getting there is a new experience, staying there is more of the same.

Getting there has an end, staying there is endless.

When you face these truths, and realize the impact they have on your success, you can find the secret to consistent success in your life:

The secret to consistent success is to turn all of your staying there opportunities into getting there opportunities.

Dream a new dream every day. Set a new goal every day. Achieve a new success every day.

Remember what C.S. Lewis said, “You are never to old to set another goal, or dream a new dream.”

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