If you are waiting for the knock on the door, opportunity has already passed you by

The only door knocking you will hopportunityear from opportunity is the rattling of the train of success as it rumbles past. Seek out opportunity, don’t wait for it to come and get you – it won’t.    

Here are the 3 steps to successfully seek and find opportunity:

1 – Trains have a sign that tells you where they are heading so you know which one to board – the train that takes you to your destination.  This means that sometimes you are letting other trains pass you by as you wait for the right one. There are many opportunities in life – not all are equal.  You need a dream of success in your mind at all times to recognize the right opportunity when it comes.  

2 – Trains leave from the train station.  If you want to catch a train, you get to the station – sounds simple.   In the same way, opportunity comes where it wants to, not where you wish it would.  Now that you have a dream of success clearly pictured in your mind, you should get to the place where your dream happens.  If you want to be a professional musician – join a local band.  If you want to be a writer – start writing and connect with other writers.  If you want to be pastor – volunteer at your church.  If you want to be a doctor – study hard get good grades so you might qualify for medical school.  Start where you are and look for opportunities that bring you closer to your dream.

3 – Trains leave at fixed times, from specific platforms and require the right ticket to board.  When the right train comes you need to be prepared for all three of these.  You must have a plan to take action when the opportunity comes that will lead you to your dream.

I have heard it said that successful people seem to be in the right place at the right time.  I find that lots of other people were in the same place and weren’t as successful – why?  They didn’t recognize the opportunity because they didn’t have a picture of their dream or a plan to take action when it came.


One Response to If you are waiting for the knock on the door, opportunity has already passed you by
  1. Joy Jones

    If you are intentional about your growth and where you want to go, it is much easier to spot the right train (opportunity) when it comes along.