Lasting leadership – Why, What if, Who.

You and your team are a success when you are there, that’s a start. For leadership to be lasting, it must enable a process that will continue after the leader isn’t there.

There are three areas that must be on auto pilot – self-correcting all the time, to maintain the positive outcomes that happened with your influence.

Why?  Don’t tell people how to do what they need to do, instead help them discover why they need to do and they’ll figure out how.

“Instead of telling the time, build a clock that could tell the time forever.” – Jim Collins

What if?  Recognize and expect that not everything will work. The way to success is not a straight, open road, it is a windy, bumpy road that must be navigated.

“If you persist after every temporary defeat, then you will achieve a lasting success.” – Napoleon Hill

Who?  Your greatest success will come by working with and through other people.

“Invest in great relationships, they will pay a lifetime of dividends.”– Bill Walsh