Leaders, you are the heroes of the day.


All throughout our lives we have heroes. These are people we look up to who fill a need that is the driving influence at specific times.

When we are children we need security through food, shelter, clothing, and most importantly, acceptance and love. Our heroes as children are those that provide for these needs and seem to know what we need before we do. For many this was your parents, or for others it might have been grandparents or other relatives. Still for some it could have been foster parents or group homes. Whoever provides for the security of children are heroes.

As adolescents we look for our individuality. We need to grow and learn and start to feel self sufficient in small ways. Our heroes during this time are our teachers. Many a teacher has opened the eyes of a young student to see the world around them. Most of us have a teacher that we remember for their ability to provide this window to knowledge in their classroom.

Young adults are seeking the future ahead of them. They want to know how they can make an impact on the world. Heroes at this time are often larger than life people who are known for their talent and influence – Superstars, might be one way to describe them. These can be famous people in sports or music. It could even be political figures or those that are the face of issues such as world hunger or poverty. They are all people who provide an example of significance.

When you are leading a team, you are much more than a goal and priority setter – You are a hero in the eyes of your team members.

You are the one who provides for their security. Your team members’ job, their livelihood, depends on the decisions you make and the opportunities you pursue.

You are the one who provides the window to knowledge. Your team members learn from your words and actions.

You are the one who provides an example of significance. Your team members will rally behind the vision you champion.

Leaders, you are the heroes of the day. I challenge you to walk worthy of the position you have, and the potential for life changing impact you can make.