Success comes from a habit of hard work

HabitVince Lombardi said, “Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.” How does winning become a habit? Sarah Knowles Bolton, a press correspondent and author of the late 1800s, wrote several books that summarized the lives of successful people: statesmen, artists, and scientists, to name a few. In her research she found that “The victory of success is half done when one gains the habit of hard work.”

In my book, The Leadership GPS, Brian Alden is building a new team and needs successful leaders.  His grandfather, Michael Tennyson, teaches him that, “Leaders with a history of success have developed a habit of working hard to achieve their success.”


2 Responses to Success comes from a habit of hard work
  1. Troy

    Habits are part of it, but dispositions towards learning are also integral. One has to actually come to learn that there can be enjoyment in the activities of learning and working. Habit requires far more fortitude, which is great, but disposition helps with the change in mindset about the beauty and goodness of learning.

    • Denis G. McLaughlin

      Troy, I agree one has to want to succeed to succeed.