Successful Leaders Don’t Rock the Boat

Successful sailboat captains can attest to one sure thing: As long as a boat is moving, it’s rocking.

You see, in leadership, just as in boating, you can’t expect calm waters to move you forward toward success. The only time you don’t feel the boat rocking is when you aren’t in the boat; the faster you are moving forward, the more the boat rocks.

As a successful leader you should remember this lesson: If your team is moving forward, then the boat will already be rocking. If your team is not moving forward, then no amount of rocking will make the boat move forward.

If you want to make a difference in this world, if you want to be a successful leader, don’t rock the boat; use the waves of success to lift and carry you forward.

4 Responses to Successful Leaders Don’t Rock the Boat
  1. success2succeed

    JESUS taught object lessons to the apostles when HE was asleep in the boat and after HE was awakened by them. The first lesson was to relax, rest, have, bring & speak peace in and to the storms.that will surely come in the form of adversity, kaos and mayhem in our life..
    The second was in HIS meekness, meaning being confident, courageous and disciplined in your identity as a problem-solver, solutions-giver and in the operation in your purpose best

  2. success2succeed

    that has already been planned for your life by our creator!

  3. Bud Brown

    A seasoned sailor also knows when the rocking becomes dangerous. At that point he will reef the main to slow things down or turn into the swell so the boat doesn’t heel over.

    A good leader in a stormy church will know when to run with the wind, when to furl the sails and when to turn into the wind and face the storm.

    I’ve seen it first hand in the pulpit and out sailing the deep blue water.

    • admin

      Bud, great addition to the blog. And absolutely correct. Thank you.