What and How – Words that limit or boost your confidence


What stops you’re chances for success? More to the point what keeps you from even starting to take advantage of the chances that do come? The answer is confidence, or rather a lack of confidence. A lack of confidence in your ability to succeed will surely keep you from succeeding to your fullest potential.

Why do some people lack confidence in their abilities where others seem to be overflowing with it no matter what situation they are in? The answer is very simple:

Successful people focus on confidence boosting behaviors while others focus on confidence limiting behaviors, and the difference between the two behaviors are the words “What” and “How.”

Confidence limiting behaviors
Focusing on “What” to think
Focusing on “What” to do

For specific situations, with specific conditions many people have learned exactly “What” to think and “What” to do. However, if either the situation or conditions change, they no longer know “What” to think or do. This causes a real lack of confidence in one’s individual abilities to succeed.

Confidence boosting behaviors
Focusing on How to think
Focusing on How to do

If instead you invest time learning “How” to think, and “How” to do, then no matter the situation or circumstance, your confidence will remain high. People who consistently succeed know that they know “How” to succeed.

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