Story Telling

The Story of Successful Leadership: Worth Repeating

Last weekend my family and I attended a Christmas Story concert put on by the Trans Siberian Orchestra.  TSO, as they are affectionately called, puts on a $20 million dollar show filled with rock and roll guitars, moving stages, lights, and songs; all dedicated to telling the Christmas Story.

This is the traditional Christmas Story, familiar to everyone in the audience, but told in a unique, energizing format.

TSO has been touring for over 14 years and is more popular today than when they started.  Why?

For anyone who grew up in the 1980’s, the music takes you back to your youth.  But the audience was filled with all ages, so that isn’t the only draw.

Their popularity comes from the story they tell. The Christmas Story tells of a long awaited success.  It is the culmination of hope.  It is the happy ending that has come after many years of suffering.  Regardless of your background or beliefs, this is a human story.  This type of success story is one that everyone wants repeated in their life.

Make your Story of Leadership a Success worth repeating.

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