Why do we question our success? – Part 2

CoachteamYou have to admit, even the best coach doesn’t make an athlete a success. Neither does any leader make their team a success. In all cases, the leader makes the environment where people can be a success.

A large part of success comes from what you focus on. Since the leader sets the vision for achieving the purpose of the team, they also determine where the team will be focused.

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Why do we question our success?

Have you ever see a toddler become a success learning how to use a spoon to feed themselves? It goes something like this

Miss their mouth -> Spill

Closer to their mouth -> Spill

Spoon in the mouth -> Spill

Spoon in the mouth -> Success -> Success -> Success…

Once the toddler perfects the method of using the spoon, they continue the same process with all current and new food. They forget how not to be a success and remember only how to be a success.

As we age, we seem to lose that innate ability to accept that once a new skill is learned it can be repeated in the same and different circumstances.

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