The leader is but one part of the team

The real power of a leader comes in conductorthe joining of individual strengths of a team into a common purpose.

The leader is the organizer, the arranger, the conductor. Like a world class symphony orchestra, it takes a group of individuals playing their part of the same song with their particular instrument to create beautiful music. The musicians have the violins, oboes, trumpets, and tympani – the conductor has the baton.

Leadership is achieving succsss through the actions of others. The musicians face the audience while the conductor faces the musicians.

A conductor without an orchestra is simply waving his hands in the air, and a leader without followers is just taking a walk.

The great leaders are like the best conductors – they reach beyond the notes to reach the magic in the players.” – Blaine Lee

The leader is but one part of the team.


5 Responses to The leader is but one part of the team
  1. williamjameslew

    A great conductor without an orchestra is great. A great conductor with an orchestra is sharing his greatness. He is sharing what is inside of him, what he hears without an orchestra how he perceives all sound. When he reads the notes of Mozart he hears and feels the music if he wants too share he needs an instrument.
    I am a great artist, I am a terrible person, an annoying person, an impossible bore, but when I work with people they achieve greatness, they are Mozart, my instrument, my orchestra. They achieve beyond themselves and they bring that with them. This is not a personality contest for Mr nice guy this is aspiring too great leaders. If you see a conductor waving his hands in the air he is listening to great music and he is fulfilled.

    • admin

      William, as I read your comment I believe we are saying the same thing. A great conductor without an orchestra has greatness within them. But until that greatness is shared with the musicians – to your point – it remains within.

      I believe we were made to share our greatness.

      • williamjameslew

        Denis, Your phraseology is misleading and understanding the greatness of artistic mind is incomplet. Otherwise i’m in full compliance.

        • admin

          William, this is one of the many areas of humanity that I love. Different perspectives, different opinions yet common ground.

  2. williamjameslew

    Denis, Me too. One must dare in open conversation too express an opinion which might or might not benefit one or more and in-fact leave one open too public ridicule. The sign of leadership.